Revolutionizing biotechnology 

with microscale magnetic resonance


The next generation of precision medicine 

What we do? 

We provide detailed  molecular fingerprinting of micro-sized biopsies for use in pharmaceutical research, diagnostics and predictive digital healthcare. 

How we do it? 

We translate a samples complex biophysical and biochemical properties into easy to use digital molecular information. The proprietary technology platform consists of a lightweight benchtop microscale "MRI" instrument, software and assays . 

With data and speed unavailable with any other methodology the LarmorBio platform unlocks a new level of precision and agility to the biotechnology ecosystem. 

Our mission

To accelerate pharmaceutical discovery, redefine medical diagnostics and enable the next generation of precision medicine at scale.  

LarmorBio technology is already available and in use for clinical research at some of the leading global pharmaceutical companies and medical research hospitals